Energy work is a gentle way to cleanse and strengthen the personal energy field - without effort or constraint.


1. Discussion

At the beginning of each session, a (discussion) talk will be held about the topics / problems.


2. Physical treatment

The physical treatments consist of energy cleansing, recharging and strengthening.

In doing so, the vibration of the body cells is brought step by step into a higher energy state. You get closer and closer to your original perfection.

Over time, the body’s chemistry changes and you get more and more strength and courage to ward off pain that arises, which doesn’t unsettle you so quickly anymore.

Everything happens gently and without effort!

Deepening on the topic/problem it is possible to open up the memories and go deeper into past-lives to heal the beginning of this topic/problem.


3. Meditation and physical exercises

These exercises support the energy balance and help you find the necessary peace and quiet in your everyday life.

The different techniques will be shown to you individually during a session (if desired).